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Update problem with financial fields
Dear @joebordes. Thank you for your dedicated support. I appreciate it a lot!

I know these changes where not done for me only. What I wanted to tell, is, that I applied both: your rewritten script and adding the field tax4 in vtiger_inventoryproductrel

Then I ran the update addFinancialFields with encountering the above errors.
So I did this again with mysql debug on and it finished with the following output. Maybe you can tell me what this means...

Quote:Creating Field sum_taxtotalretention (Total Tax Retention) on PurchaseOrder ... **ERROR**
A field with that name or label already exists.
Id specified is incorrect

a lot of mysqli output finishing wiht this

Quote:(mysqli): select tabid from vtiger_tab where name='SalesOrder'   (mysqli): select distinct block,vtiger_field.tabid,name,blocklabel from vtiger_field inner join vtiger_blocks on vtiger_blocks.blockid=vtiger_field.block inner join vtiger_tab on vtiger_tab.tabid=vtiger_field.tabid where displaytype != 3 and in ('Invoice') and vtiger_field.presence in (0,2) order by block   (mysqli): SELECT vtiger_field.*, '0' as readonly, vtiger_blocks.sequence as blkseq FROM vtiger_field LEFT JOIN vtiger_blocks ON vtiger_field.block=vtiger_blocks.blockid WHERE vtiger_field.fieldid IN (select min(vtiger_field.fieldid) from vtiger_field where vtiger_field.tabid=23 GROUP BY vtiger_field.columnname) and block in ('67','68','69','72','150') and displaytype in (1,2,3,4) ORDER BY vtiger_blocks.sequence ASC, vtiger_field.sequence ASC   (mysqli): select sequence from vtiger_blocks where blockid=67   (mysqli): select sequence from vtiger_blocks where blockid=69   (mysqli): select sequence from vtiger_blocks where blockid=68   (mysqli): select sequence from vtiger_blocks where blockid=72   (mysqli): select sequence from vtiger_blocks where blockid=150  

Id specified is incorrect

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