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Error with multiple workflow tasks
I created three workflow tasks (all emails) in one workflow. Only the first one gets executed. When I change the conditions which would apply to the second and third nothing happens.

When I try to access the tasks I can access the first one but not second and third. Instead there is the following error message:

Quote:Warning: require_once(/.../include/htmlpurifier/library): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /.../modules/com_vtiger_workflow/ on line 152

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '' (include_path='/.../include/htmlpurifier/library:.:/usr/share/php') in /.../modules/com_vtiger_workflow/ on line 152

The htmplpurifier library folder is existing. So I do not understand what might be wrong here.

PS: The evalwf.php script is producing all the three emails.

The Url to the first task is this:


the second is much longer and is missing the task_id:

When I am adding the task_id to the second url I can open the page and work on the task. However - it does not get executed when its conditions are met.
I can't reproduce it, it is working correctly on my development install. Can you try reproducing in the online demo?
I found that it seems related to the difficulties with the update of the financial fields (not solved yet). The update created multiple workflows and tasks with each run of the script. Now I cleared up the database (workflows and workflowtasks) and it is working again.
With the latest version of that script that won't happen anymore, it will not create them if they are already there. You can run it as many times as you need to until it finishes.
You should continue to debug it. You either have it progressing in cb_settings or failing with some SQL error.

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