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Mass update stalls after first record on one module only
I think this has something to do with a workflow that I have. I want to invoke a workflow on Invoices I just installed. Therefor I'm editing a non-used field on invoices, just to launch the workflow. The mass-edit stalls after one record and just sits there. On that one record, the workflow IS launched and executed. When I mass-edit on another module (I tried salesorders), the mass-edit seems to work fine. How would I debug this? I want to find out what makes the mass edit stall...
debug log and apache error log, there has to be some clue there
I got it to work by temporarily disabling the update financial fields task and another task that syncs every invoice with 3rd party accounting software. I think the second one was the culprit, will test with only that one disabled.

What I do notice is that the mass update screen doesn't give me any feedback untill all is done. So nothing happens for a couple of minutes and then it runs to 100% in a few seconds all of a sudden. I am however updating 400+ records at once that have some extensive workflows attached.
Not quite sure how that logic works, we send a message back after each record update but the browser doesn't seem to update as it gets them. I usually see 30/60/100. In any case, it seems to be browser/php communication issue as we even have 2 "flush" after sending the message
Yeah it seems kind of arbitrary. When you edit small sets it seems to work better but when editing large sets it seems the message traffic clogs up somehow...

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