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My 2 cents from being a user in stead of a developer
And yet another two notes to self. I think we should
  • Create the option to fix the menu bar to the top of the screen
  • Create a default-hidden collapseable sidebar on the left where we move the 'last visited' record links. These links should clearly mention the module they represent.
Have you seen the collapsible sidebar in coreboscrm? do you think we could LDS style that one and use that for your second request?
No I haven't. Is that also in cbLAW?
Yes, it is. Create an event, it will popup in the panel on the right. you can click on the upper corner link also.
Ah, yeah. Something like that. I would place it on the left but we could easily create a GV that lets a user decide whether they want that on the left or on the right. Let me find you on gitter to discuss where that code lives so I can see if I can merge some code from the 'recently viewed records' and then LDS it.

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