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Edit record with locked fileds
I have set several profiles in accordance with how employees will be using/viewing/editing the database. One of the profiles I have created has power to create/Edit and view. In the Field & Tools Setting column basically all Fields are selected (=shown) and all fields except one can be edited. Reason I do that is because that field is temporary and contains raw data that will be used to populate other fields in the near future so I don’t want that field to be editable. Ok so here is the problem. When I log with the account associated to the profile I just described, and I try to edit a contact, while I am in edition mode the field that cannot be edited disappears (which somehow is logical). Consequently, all fields move one step and therefore it is confusing as all fields are now in places that the user is not expecting. Attached, screenshots.

This is not a bug per-say but rather a lack of code that makes readability difficult. My recommendation would be that while being in edition mode of a record, the non-editable field should be visible (but not editable) so that the whole table doesn’t move.

[attachment=1]<!-- ia1 -->View_mode.gif<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment][attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Edit_mode.gif<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]

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