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Add date field to product list in sales order
Like I said: very difficult, it is all hardcoded in a bunch of files. Really, it is MUCH easier to use the Inventory Details module.

Create an invoice. Go to the Inventory Details and you will see you have a record for each line in the invoice, you can then edit the invoice and will see how the Inventory Details records are updated, so you can easily add your custom fields there.

Adding the field on the rows is difficult and will get you into upgrading issues for sure.

If you still insist in going down that path, some files you will have to play with:

- include/js/general.js
- include/js/Inventory.js
- include/utils/DetailViewUtils.php
- Smarty/templates/Inventory

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RE: Add date field to product list in sales order - joebordes - 06-04-2015, 08:08 PM

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