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Calendar4 You error when linking to google
Other users cant Authorize and connect.

It simply blinks and returns to the calendar screen

Any thoughts?

Here are my settings

Redirect URIs
JavaScript origins

Do I need to create a different google project for each user?

in their email
It's not necessary to create an other google project. The google project is just for one account to config the admin user in corebos the first time and the other users will inherit this setting.

Please, open the firebug console in your browser and check if when you click in "Authorize and Connect" this produce any error.
Found out that I had to make each user an admin to connect.

However on a recent upgrade of another install. I am unable to connect to google using the same settings as the above install.
I get the error

User XXXXX has not entered the access data to Google.

It wont save the access data
Any thoughts?

On the new upgrade when I click on Verify install with Google it does nothing.

Simply blinks and keeps the fields full (see below)

Any thoughts

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This install was previously synchronized with an earlier version of the google sync but the newer version will not synchronize.

Any thoughts
Sorry Peter, but for I can help you well I need to connect to your corebos and server to verify that you have the code and database update, verify you google project, verify the data you introduce, check the connection, ...

Remember that you have to do a git pull to update your code and after go to corebos Update module to load the last updates and after apply them.
For google integration you have to create one google project for each corebos installation, because the redirect url change.

Check this steps and if continuous with the error, try to contact with Joe and we try to connect to you installation resolve this problem.

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