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'Do not e-mail' checkbox in Account clears e-mail addresses
I noticed that setting the 'do not e-mail' checkbox in accounts deleted the value in a custom e-mail field on the account. At first I thought it was some custom workflow I created a long time ago, but it's not. Is there a global variable to turn this behavior off?
I cannot reproduce in my development install and I do not recall any type of functionality like that

Can you reproduce in the online demo?

Can you try activating the DEBUG log, then reproducing the issue and reviewing the SQL that manipulates the field you are losing, see what SQL is deleting the field and trace that back to some code?
Hm, I can't reproduce it in the demo, can't find a workflow that does it and can't remember creating an aftersave event that does this. Let me dig around some more.

Crap, never mind. It was a workflow, missed the task the first time

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