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vTiger 5.4 - cutom Reports duplicate records with invoices with more than 1 item
A custom report is generating duplicate records for invoices with more than one item. For instance, if I have a invoice with the following items I sold to my customer. PC for $550,
Printer for $50
software for $100.

When I generate a report for the month, it will show a total of $2,100 Although the total should be $700.

I am using vTiger CRM 5.4.0; has anybody seen this problem before? any ideas how to solve it?
(Selected Fields) for Report are:

Organizations Sales Reps
Organizations Organization Name
Organizations Serial No.
Invoice Work Order
Invoice New Serial
Invoice Date
Invoice Total
Invoice Monthly(If Applicable)
Invoice Product Name
Invoice Quantity
Organization Lead 1
Organization Lead 2

Thanks in advance,

If I understand well you try to show a list of products/services from Invoice, but just if the products are Pc, Printer or software, really?

How are you filtering this products to obtain the report? Which is the principal module in the report, Organizations or Invoice?

Are you group by any column?

In coreBOS I have to create a Invoice report, Invoice like a principal module, and related with Accounts and in filter section add the next conditions to filter by product name:

Product Name -> equal/contains -> PC
--- OR ---
Product Name -> equal/contains -> printer
--- OR ---
Product Name -> equal/contains -> software
the principal module is invoice. I am trying to sum the total for the month of June. I am filtering by invoice. I built a new machine upgrade to vTiger 6.1 and same custom report generate expected results. I believe is a bug in vTiger 5.4. Unfortunately, for me to upgrade vTiger is going to be problematic because I created a lot of custom fields. any suggestions?
Did you tried to update to coreBOS? In coreBOS we have added a lot of changes and fix bugs for module Reports.
I've tried to do a similar report and I have that I spect.

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