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Merge duplicates, button delete exact duplicates
I need identify and remove leads duplicates.

in my case, duplicates occurs because other app ( digital marketing ) like as RD Station, Facebook, site, etc, I means visitor normally access more than one, channel, and is common too, at first moment, lead include, less data, and when him get more information, fells more trust to complete more  data, like as phone number

In fact at first moment, lead fill your first name and email

But when I try removed duplicates, occurs two situation

1) System considering blank, or null with a valid information, and remove ALL leads with email is blank ( no value )
2) If there a lot of registries in lead, ( about 20000 or more ), transaction is too long, all system performance is affected

I suggest, a way system not removed registries with blank value and possibility chose maintain newer registry ( removed older similar registries )

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eCRM Web
the "Delete Exact Duplicates" button will massively eliminate all the records in EACH group of duplicate values found except one. Note, this blindly deletes all records except one in each group so you may lose information.

That means that it is doing the expected behavior: not deleting all blanks but deleting all blanks EXCEPT one, just like for all the other groups.
as to being to slow, that is because we launch a full delete on each record in case you want to launch workflows (especially for logging) and we do that in a loop. We should put that on a queue and launch it in the background. This is one of the many parts were we could improve this part of the application, so feel free to sponsor if you can.
I understand

I posted here because it can affect a large number of records, causing slowness, degrading overall performance

The end user is not alerted about this (as with mass editing or CV import)

Imported CSV has a better way of performing large operations, in fact

Importing has a better process, because working with in blocks "n" registries
eCRM Web

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