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vtlib module custom fields on related list
This is for payment module:

I need to show my custom filed information in display instead of Payment Ref and so on?

I added Transaction Status, Paid To & Transaction type to the corbos.php and they show up in the display. Just no data will populate to the view inside the block?

I need it to populate the data in there?

On standard modules I can fix it, but your module is not listed where the other code is that I normally make changes and adjustments to.

Can you please share with me how I can get that data from custom fields to populate to be seen in block?

Thanks in advance,

note: I took the liberty to create a new thread for this new question
In the latest version of corebos I have added the necessary line to most modules but it is commented. CobroPago is one of these modules. Update your code and try to uncomment the line indicated here:

and let me know how it goes.

You can apply the line directly also if you want to try
Mike, how did that turn out?

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