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Timecontrol and Service Contracts with different rates
Hi All,

I have employees with different charge out rates, as well as different loadings on those rates for outside of hours work.

For example :
Employee 1 has a charge out rate of $80 / hour
Employee 2 has a charge out rate of $100 / hour

Any work outside of business hours, for either employee is charged at 1.5 x their charge out rate.

We sell a fixed number of hours in blocks (at employee 1 rates), which fits well with the 'Service Contract' in coreBOS. Currently we have to do the calculation of deducted hours manually, depending which employee did the work, and if the work was done outside or hours.

So we sell a Service contract of 10 hours ($800)

If employee 1 creates a time control of 1 hour (for in business hours) - then the service contract is updated correctly - 1 hour is deducted
If employee 1 does 1 hour outside of of work, then 1.5 hours should be deducted
If employee 2 does 1 hour inside business hours, then 1.25 hours should be deducted
If employee 2 does 1 hour outside of business hours, then 1.875 hours should be deducted.

What's a good way to implement this in coreBOS?

Not just the calculation for the service contact, but also the fields to define chargeout and loading rates?

I could create a chargeout rate on Users table, then a loading drop down on the timecontrol?

Or I could just do a drop down on the timecontrol, with say
- lvl 1 - normal
- lvl 1 - 1.5
- lvl 2 - normal
- lvl 3 - 1.5

I would also like the option to use these values for invoicing time control, where the customer has not purchased a 'Service Contract'

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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