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Product compnents / Product bundle
If i understand correctly, product  bundles permit to establish a relation between products. It is governed by some GV's and two of them refers to price roll-up and cost roll-up. I set price roll-up to 1, did not necessarily apply to Products module but to all of the modules just to be sure. I set it to default and mandatory.
It's either i don't understand it correctly or  something does not function properly. Here is what I noticed:
- I make 2 products kit1 and subkit1
- in product bundle related list of kit1 i select subkit1. A relation is established and a new element representing this relation is added in Product Components module. The 'subproduct'(not the relation) is showing in Product Bundles table of kit1. At this point I would expect the unit price of kit1 to be increased with the unit price of subkit1. It does not happen, price of kit1 remains the same.
- if i try to view/edit the subproduct from the related table I get an error saying Record you are trying to access is not found. When I try to delete the relation, table collapses and nothing else happens. Here is the details with that 'not found' error:
kit1 record number is 25435
subkit1 record number is 25444
product component relation record number is 25459
the record number shown in the 'not found' error is 25459: 'index.php?action=DetailView&module=Products&record=25459'
so things Are not working properly in my installation. Could be that it does refer to the relation's id instead of the 'subroduct' id. make sense not being able to display/edit a product id that is not in the products table. Also adding prices would not work if it refers to a Product Components element(if that in itself does not return some kind of value).
-if i view the relation from the 'subproduct's' point of view, in it's Parent Product related list I can see the correct relation and links point to the correct elements, i can delete the relation from there.
So it's either that i do something wrong or there's something else going on. In the end the price does not roll-up(and neither the cost if tested)
Of course i can update the unit price with an aggregation workflow, but that leads into some issues later on.
Hope I explained it right.

After doing some more tests i found out that roll-up functions work if you ADD the product instead of SELECT it on the Product Bundles related table. In that case, the new element that is presented is a product component relation where you can establish the details of the relation, that's where you are supposed to chose the bundled product. Unlike if you just press SELECT then a capture popup shows with the available products and you can chose one to relate but no relation in the product components is selected. In both cases, the product bundle related list shows the related elements from Products not from Product Components(the product parent table shows the product components not the product). So that's why you can't view/edit/delete the elements in the list i guess.
And then i found that on Product's Layout editor you can add the correct Product Components table instead of the default Product Bundle there and then it relates as supposed. But the cost and unit price columns of the bundled are empty so roll-ups does not function in this way. This one got a bit messy to explain Wink

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