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Background of the financial fields
Since I'm working on a module that will introduce a new inventorydetails block and will also implement the now 'standard' financial fields that live on the stock inventory modules. I will use the master-detail businessmap definition as described in the wiki, but to be able to do so I would like to know the purpose, unit (%, currency or just no.) and exact formula for each of the following fields:
  • pl_gross_total
  • pl_dto_line
  • pl_dto_global
  • pl_dto_total
  • pl_net_total
  • pl_sh_total
  • pl_sh_tax
  • pl_adjustment
  • pl_grand_total
  • sum_nettotal
I will later specify this in a readme that we could also feed back into the wiki
can you share what you are trying to do? what are you trying to solve?

do you need more information that what is on that page?
(07-26-2020, 01:53 PM)joebordes Wrote:

do you need more information that what is on that page?

Seems like exactly what I was looking for after breezing over. I want to implement my idlines block, where the equivalents of these fields live. So I want to make sure the same calculation is performed on those representations. Not sure how I want to do it but wanted to make sure I have the correct information/background so that we're all on the same page.
I think there's a double field in the wiki:
  • Tax totals: a field with the sum of all taxes applied for each tax active
  • Total tax: the sum of all taxes applied
Seem to describe the same thing, also there are 13 items in the list while there are 12 fixed fields (without individual tax fields) in the block.
fixed. thanks!
One thing I don't get is:
  • Net before global discount: gross total minus individual line discounts
  • Net total (after global discount): gross total minus total discounts

Shouldn't the net total, after global discount be the net total before global discount, minus the global discount? Now it speaks of the gross total, without taking the line discounts into consideration.
the wording is probably not the best, but you are correct, let me try to explain

before global discount is the gross total minus the individual LINE discounts
after global discount is the gross total minus ALL (total sum of all) discounts which should equal "before global discount" minus the "global discount" (as you say)

Yeah so it's just the gross total minus all available discounts, be that line discounts or global ones. That seems correct.

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