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Concatenate values from related list

Is it possible to concatenate all the values in a specific field from all the relations in a 1-many relationship and save them in a field? for example I want to concatenate all the subjects of the task projects related to a certain project in it's description textbox. I tried to use the aggregation workflow function but it doesn't seem to do that.
Yes, aggregation is exactly what you need. You have to use the group_concat aggregation
It works. Thanks! I did not know about that operation in the function.
Would it possible to do as the html links to the related items? For example list of links of Quote related products in one filed?
Sorry, I don't understand the request. Can you explain again please?
OK, maybe I was not so clear (sorry for my english)

Lets pretend I have a list of quotes related to a single contact From your asnwer I understood (but not tried), that it is possible for example to concatenate the subjects of the quotes related to the particular contacts onto the single field.
So my question is: can we do similar to have the single filed with the linking relation links to the same quotes (concatenated list of links to quotes instead concatenated subjects) ?
> concatenate the subjects of the quotes related to the particular contacts onto the single field.


> single filed with the linking relation links to the same quotes

Yes, I think that can be done also. First, I don't see the point; can you explain the goal of this field? I mean, it is actually the related list you already have, why do you want all those links in one field?

Second, I would try first an "aggregation with operation" (or something like that) where you would use group_concat with a normal concat inside to construct the URL of each quote). Sounds like a while of trial and error but it should be possible.
Actually I have a need somehow to link(connect) the products to Assets (as the asset by our undertsanding is a set of products which forms the asset,( but the asset can only be linked to a single product).

This could look incorrect, but the reality is, that some customers "purchase" Single "PRODUCT" witch actually is a long list of "subproducts" and their quantities and there is no practical need to agregate this list into Parent product witch is sold. BUT we have a need to to build some kind of list of related spares list for each of "subproducts" used, so this "List of links" maybe can help us there I suppose.

sorry for midnight response,
We can try to do thiis from another side: lets suppose that we have a SO with customised product (very customised, a lof of individual products, the set that will NEVER be repeated, so no need to build up the subproduct for this) . In order to do the job, this SO has a lot o f PO's from different vendors and this set of products related to those PO's finally represents the single "product" we will sell (without the building of Parent product) what Enduser cals as Asset.. This "Product/Assett" is sold and later there is a need to build up Spare parts lost for that Asset. But only a part of used products could have a consumables, some of them not, BUT later we need to know the list of consumables customer needs to be cared about. Here the idea of building the "links" to the spareparts lists (quotes) from individual used products comes out.

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