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Product number/manufacturer number field in Reports
On our old vTiger 5.4.0 we had possibility to build up variuos reports using a bigger number of fields from Products module, for example Products/Part number or Products/Manufacturer part number. Now I saw only a limited number of fields available from this module. Can we revert this or manually add some fileds we need?

With best regards
can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing/missing as I don't understand
Hi Joe,
Sorry for my english.
We have number of fields in Products module (attacment FiedsinProductsmodule.png)
But when I am trying to generate Report on Invoices I can use only  some of these fields on the Invoice Product Details list (attachement filedsavailabletoselect.png).

Lets imagine, that i would like to have list of Products we have sold within this year. Then I a am filtering list o invoices issued this year and would like to see what products those invoices included. Because product's main identifier is "manufacturer part number" i need it to be shown.

Or if we would like to compare the number  product with part number X we had sold this and last year (product name is for customer, we can have different products with the same product name, but different p/n's

Maybe it is possible to search by filtering products, wich are related to invoicesissued within this year, but the number of products we have is quite big compared to invoices per year. But in that way I also do not have possibility to see producs "part number" or "manufacturer part number" field.


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Hi, I was able to achieve the goal doing report from Products module.
But my question is still open: would it be possible to include addititonal fields from Product module (for example Part number) into Reports Invoice(/SO/Q/PO) Product Details selection ? [Image: attachment.php?aid=1091]
Use InventoryDetails, this module was created so you could do all sorts of things with the inventory modules product lines:
OK, already tried this option. Looks that this way works for new records (records that have Inventory details), will check for the old ones.

Checked, works only for the new records (after migration from Vtiger).
How I can trigger invoice edit->save process for the list of previuosly (before Corebos) created invoices in order Inventory details would be filled for the products on those invoices?

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