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Suggestions needed: product filter (based on relation)
OK, clear,
I added check box custom field to product in order to to mark "used" ones.
Then added workflow to mark product "used" when Inventory details is creaded for that product.

So for all new (this year imported) products i will be able to know which of them where not used after one year, when new pricelists were available, so not used ones, coudl be deleted, because there is no need to keep them in the system.

So now i will build SQL querry with the relation existance at vtiger_inventoryrproductelate table checking and will mark the matching records as "used" once.

But it would be nice to have this type of filter, let it be a custom query type or something similar.

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RE: Suggestions needed: product filter (based on relation) - Svemar - 01-14-2021, 07:35 PM

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