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Automatic fill adress fields

I need to configure the invoice module in coreBos 8 in order to make the invoices with the vendor data, instead od accounts data. I have created a field related to vendors , but I would need the address fields to be filled in, in the same way as with accounts.
I have found a global variable, Application_Billing_Address_Checked , with this definition: Al seleccionar una Cuenta/Contacto/Vendedor en la ventana emergente, la aplicación te pregunta si debe rellenar las direcciones. Esta variable establece la casilla de verificación Dirección de Facturación.

But when I fix it to 1, the option to fill adress fields when a vendor is selected don´t show.

In this case, vendedor seems to vendor, o this global variable dont work for this?. Thanks

the global variables affect only Accounts and Contacts on Quotes, SalesOrder and Invoices, Vendors on Purchase Orders

If you need to fill in fields when you select the vendor you will have to create a field dependency business map
Thanks, Joe:

I create a new Business Map


But whei I try to generate the map dont works...


Thanks again
The map is the XML, that is all you need. This particular map does not have a generator (yet), most of them don't have one, you have to construct the XML manually

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