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row size too large. reached maximum size limit of database table size
How do i fixed this ?
"row size too large. reached maximum size limit of database table size"
i encounter this when adding fields to assets module.

thank you

this is usually a sign of a poor design; it is rare to need so many fields on a module, you can probably separate a group of those fields into a related module but if you need to do this you have a couple of solutions

=> move some fields to the main module table

the problem here is a physical limit in the maximum size of MySQL tables. Each field you create consumes some space and there is a limit to the amount you can put inside. when you create a custom field we size it to varchar(255) in the custom field table, vtiger_assestcf in this case, you have consumed the space of this table but you can add other fields on the main table vtiger_assets (use corebos updater)

=> reduce the space consumed by some fields in the table

as I just said all your (string) custom fields are taking up 255 characters, if you know that a set of those fields are never going to be that long and can reduce them significantly you can scratch some extra space and maybe get a few more fields into the same table: change varchar(255) to varchar(some_smaller_number) on the fields you can afford this

In any case, the real solution is to think about your needs and design a better solution to your problem

Let me know how it goes

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