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Help with context variables in send email worflow task

The short question would be if it is possible to use the context variable's value, got in one of the workflow tasks, in send email task, specifically in the body of the email message?
If so, what would be the correct syntax in the sent email task?
If no, what would be the best way to accomplish that?

I am trying to send via email some information, got with the aggregation function from some fields. The aggregation works fine, not sure how to use that aggregated value in the email message body.

This is the question that requires an immediate response, and it is as follows: is it possible to use the value of a context variable that was obtained in one of the workflow tasks in the send email task, more specifically in the body of the email message that is being sent? It is imperative that an answer be provided to this inquiry as quickly as is humanly possible. In the event that this hypothesis turns out to be correct, then the task of sending an email requires a particular syntax; what is it? In the event that the question is not answered in the positive, which of the following strategies would be the most effective way for you to accomplish what you want to do?

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