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Product types/hierarchy
Well, since it hasn't been done yet I'll start this:

I've been thinking about the need for product hierarchy as discussed. Since I've worked and maintained a coreBOS system at a manufacturing company I've got some background. I don't think there is the need for a real 'hierarchy'. In stead, I think we should start by looking at products in a more sub-divided way:

A product could roughly be three things (in a manufacturing context):
  • An end-product that you buy and sell as-is. Which is like it is now.
  • An assembly. Which basically means this is the product you sell, but it doesn't enter your company in the form it exits. In stead, you buy or manufacture the parts and assemble the product. Which leads to the third type:
  • A part. These products you buy from a supplier and use to create your end product (the assembly as mentioned above).

Now what should we do? First of all create the option to select which category (or more than one, more on that later in this text) the product belongs to. If it is an assembly, we should be able to choose which parts make up this assembly and how many of each part is needed to create one assembly. This way, by keeping stock you could see (and this should be automated) if you have enough of each part to create the assembly. Here's where the 'hierarchy' character kicks in, because a part could also be in turn an assembly. So a lot of small part could make one assembly, which in turn is a part for a larger assembly.

Functionality that comes to mind is:
  • When you sell an assembly, you should immediately see if you have all the required parts. If not, you should be able to create purchase orders for these parts (and preferably send an e-mail to the supplier).
  • You could easily produce lists for factory workers (the assemblers) that list which parts they need (and for instance where in the warehouse these are located).

There are probably a lot of other functions that could some to mind, and that is where I'd like some comment.

Now this is only internally. On quotes, sales orders and invoices you should only see the end-product. Customers don't care which parts you needed to assemble their end-product (and shouldn't know). Note, this should not be about the technical side of the manufacturing. That is way beyond the scope of what a CRM should be able to do.

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