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Calculation of the 'All Menu' top
The change you propose works perfect. I added it to coreBOS:

Yes, I am trying to move to native javascript and jquery. That is all the work that has been done on the jquery coreBOS branch:

that branch is almost production ready and will be the very near future of coreBOS. You will be safe using native JS and also a recent version of jquery.

No sorry about the license. The demo I linked above has a very powerful menu system which we implemented a few years ago. We, then used KendoUI library to create it. It works very well but Kendo decided to change the license on that library so we can't use it on the open source version. That is one of the main reasons we have coreBOSCRM. coreBOSCRM is our internal version. We use that on most of our clients. The only difference with coreBOS is that it has some additional modules some of which have incompatible licenses that we can't share with the world openly.

coreBOSCRM is a legacy project that we had before we started coreBOS open source but we are aiming at killing it by completely moving all the enhancements that are there into coreBOS open source, but that takes time.

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