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fresh install invalid username and password
(06-26-2022, 10:17 PM)global.da Wrote:
(06-14-2022, 02:30 PM)Klajd17 Wrote:
(06-14-2022, 01:23 AM)global.da Wrote: did anybody here tried this installation on wampserver without error?

Hi global.da,
I successfully installed on xampp server, i haven't use wamp server before but i think it will be the same.
If you haven't set up corebos yet, I recommend to install xampp php version 7.4.x and i can guide you.


thank you Klajdi for the update.
i'll try the xampp with php7.4.x and let you know.

hi Klajd17,

i installed xampp x64 7.4.29-1-vc15 installer and use corebos8

still issue persist with the error on the confirm configuration settings
Unable to Create database corebos80
Message: Specified database Root User doesn't have permission to Create database or the Database name has special characters.Try changing the Database settings

kindly assist on the next step


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