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ToDos/Activities block on the first page in Organizations

I want to see the ToDos(Activities) in a block on the front page of Organizations but it is not available as a Related module block. I have also tested on the online demo and can confirm it. In the modules where you build your own relation it works but in Organizations the relation is already there(Activities) it is just not in the picklist in the Layout Editor.

Any help is appreciated.
I tried in my local install and it just worked.


I went to the online demo and I see that the block is already there, that is why it isn't in the list of available related modules.

Hello Joe,
Thanks for the answer,
You're right about the demo installation it was already displayed, I did not pay proper attention.
The installation that I initially tested on was not brand new, it is a few months old but not very old, I updated the code the day before. I also tested on an even older version. None of them have ToDo's select-able in that picklist.
What I did is like this: I created a new ToDo relation from Arrange Related List - It was available as if Activities was not ToDos, so it added a new relation block with ToDos and I have 2 tables showing the same thing but now I can select it on the first page. It is no problem if it shows 2 times in More Information - I could probably delete the Activities table but for now it does not bother.
I will test today on a brand new installation and report back if it is working out-of-the-box but at least there is a work-around for those with older installs.
Thanks again!

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