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[Solved]Change module reference field

I would like to change InventoryDetails reference field to something more relevant than the entity's number. It is important especially in the mobile interface where only 1 field is shown in 'listview'.
Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Try this article:

see if that does the trick

make a backup of the database before trying
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the answer, great article!
I tried it, I can control the listview linkfield from module's php. That way I can turn other fields into links to detailview. But the original number field(entity identifier) is still active as a link and it is still presented in the mobile interface.
I have adapted the script and tried to change the entity identifier to quantity field(in InventoryDetails) for a test. But i must do something wrong because it does not seem to have any effect.
I copied the php script to the root website and I tried running the it from command line then from the browser, pointing at the php script. Is there another procedure to run these scripts?

// Turn on debugging level
$Vtiger_Utils_Log = true;

require_once 'include/utils/utils.php';

$module = Vtiger_Module::getInstance('InventoryDetails');

$module->unsetEntityIdentifier(); // this unset the potentialname like a entity identifeir

$field = VTiger_Field::getInstance('quantity', $module); // now you get the field that you want to entity identifier

$module->setEntityIdentifier($field); // set this field.
It works, it does what I need to!
Stupid mistake, i forgot to put the php markers in the script file... it was not parsing it to php Wink

Thanks for the help!

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