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[SOLVED] How to change exported odt filename with Gendoc
(07-03-2023, 07:49 AM)geraldbigot Wrote: I found this GV but I don't know how to add "ticket_number" in the filename with this GV :

Workflow_Email_GenDoc_Attachment_Name String Name|Number When merging a GenDoc workflow email attachment, the name used for the attachment will be the Entity Name field (Name) or the Entity Number field (Number) concatenated with the template name.


In order to get this filename ("ModuleName"_"Ticket_Title"_"Ticket_number".odt), which is a "concat" expression, means you have to:

1. Create a Business Map, type: Condition Expression where you form the expression you need.
2.  Set value of the GV (Workflow_Email_GenDoc_Attachment_Name) to Expression.
3. Relate the Business Map you created with the Workflow_Email_GenDoc_Attachment_Name GV .

Hope it helps, let us know.

Thank you,

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