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Intermittent issues after rehosting
I enabled full DB logging and made sure the only action taken on corebos was my Contact update and this is the transaction which took 3 minutes

240213 20:31:33 63 Connect crm_usr@localhost on crm_db using Socket
63 Init DB crm_db
63 Query SET NAMES utf8
63 Query select distinct funcfile from com_vtiger_workflows_expfunctions

AFTER 3 MINUTES this is the follwoing select listed in the logs

240213 20:34:18 62 Query SELECT * FROM vtiger_modtracker_tabs WHERE vtiger_modtracker_tabs.visible=1 AND vtiger_modtracker_tabs.tabid=4

Any idea why this statement:

select distinct funcfile from com_vtiger_workflows_expfunctions

could take 3 minutes?
Am I missing some important index?
Can you please advise?


BTW I just run the statement directly in the DB and it took no time to be executed.

MariaDB [crm_db]> select distinct funcfile from com_vtiger_workflows_expfunctions;
| funcfile |
| modules/AutoNumberPrefix/wf_autonum.php |
1 row in set (0.000 sec)

Based on that I believe is issue is on the code and not in the DB.
What I mean is that the DB answers to the select in no time and then something happens on the corebos application that take 3 minutes before the code/application runs the following select.

Hope this makes sense and helps
Please advise what to check next


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