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Option labels not visible on filters select boxes
Possible Resolve?
I think I found the problem. The function "return_specified_module_language" loads the global variable "$mod_strings". The translation tool in coreBOS (I think this is the issue) adds empty keys to that array. So really, the system isn't doing anything wrong. It loads the current language file for the module in use and fills the $mod_strings array. The array keys are just empty, and currently, there's no way of fixing that in-system. I would therefor propose the following fix:

Change line to:

if(isset($mod_strings[$fieldlabel]) && $mod_strings[$fieldlabel] != "")
to make sure the array doesn't get filled with empty values.

This does not fix the issue in reports though Any ideas for a more sustainable solution or how we can apply the same fix in reports?

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RE: Option labels not visible on filters select boxes - Guido1982 - 07-02-2016, 09:30 AM

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