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Planned Mkt Actions - How to send Annual Email
I want to send an email to a contact every 365 days from the date the contact was created. It seems this would be accomplished by using the Planned Mkt Actions Module.

If I check the box for "Use only day and month", will this enable an email to send on an annual basis? In other words, would it loop?

Also, what is the "After execution put in " field for an how does it work. I assume that would not apply to what I am trying to accomplish here, correct?

I searched documentation but wasn't able to find these answers.
From what I remember this module does not loop and a quick look at the code for the "Use only day and month" and that seems to be a feature pending implementation.

The "After execution put in" field is exactly what it sounds like, once the programmed task executes, it will put the contact in the planned action or markting plan selected in that field.

I think the way to do what you are asking for is to create each programmed email independently, one record for each year. Then you string these together in a Marketing plan and assign the contacts to the plan when they are created and you un-assign them when you want to stop.

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