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Field department at converted leads to Contatcts
I need when converted a new lead to contact mapping like that

At lead, CF Called Department to default field called Department ( at contacts ).

I see a DB default contact field is 100 bytes ( text ), but even when create a CF like that system not allow this mapping.

How i can do that?

look in the vtiger_field table for those two fields and make sure the column typeofdata is the same and try again
I think it uses that field to permit or not the mapping.

let us know how it goes
I check at BD

table vtiger_field
Field 78 - colunmane department tablename vtiger_contactdetails maximunlenght '100'

I created a new CF type TEXT with 100 characteres

But not working ...
I said field typeofdata
Is that field the same in both fields?
Default V˜O
CF V˜O˜LE˜100

I think CF created at interface not have a same typeofdata ...

I try to solved that, eliminate a default field and create another two CF ( one at lead e another at Contacts ). Not is better, but works

Thanks for your help.

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