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On line Demo CP
(08-19-2016, 04:38 PM)rslemer Wrote:
(08-19-2016, 04:09 PM)joebordes Wrote: Look at the contact you are accessing as. Make sure the start and end periods for portal access are in range

In the range, look attached image


Changed user for connection and created a new user for access rules.

(08-19-2016, 02:48 PM)joebordes Wrote: both projects are open source: you can change whatever you want. Also MYC has plugins that should work on our version. It is a fork of their work.

coreBOSCP is almost another interface to your database, you can do a LOT of things there. There is even a "CRM mode" which has less restrictions than the "Portal mode".


How i can change that mode?
Thats is configured directily in code or is possible created any variable at config file?

Strange my code is that way ..

This justify my portal showed modules and permitions different my coreBOS configuration?

I created a new user and profile, but portal, showed all modules and permitions yet
Yes, configured directly in code.
Empty the cache directory: protected/runtime/cache
But it's not agree with profile set on coreBOS Customer Portal configuration, even I set mode vtigerCRM ...

It has to it is using the webservice interface. Clear the cache
Ah ok, but the CP agree with profile of user used to connect thru webservice. And more other modules, like a company details, cobropago ( without a user profile ).

Company details not show anything ( ? ) ( I think thats is issue ... )

Not setting at module customer portal ( attached ).

Is correct?

My wish is give access a customer portal, for client only see and change owner data

I don't know, why setting a profile, for that. Because, profile of user ( for connect ) need access all contacts right?

Attached Files Image(s)
That configuration screen is for the vtiger CRM customer portal, not for the coreBOS customer portal.
For coreBOSCP you have to configure the profile of the user that is connecting via webservice. In other words, coreBOSCP is "just" a webservice application, it has permission to do whatever the user that you use to connect can do. You configure that profile as you would configure the profile of any other user in settings > profile.
Help me understand what I did wrong

I created a User with access profile for all contact records to be config user coreBOSCP ( setting in PortalConfig.php )

This is necessary so that the coreBOSCP allow the login of each client that will access the portal

However, with this configuration, when I give access to a client, it will have access to all the contacts of other customers as well.

In a customer portal, each customer can only have access to their own data, correct?

How should then be the profile of this user connection, which allows all customers with access to the portal, able to log in, but once inside the portal do not have access to other clients?

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