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Global Variable Corebos-app-name
I can use that variable to control my own version?

When apply any correction thru github I wish increment a sub version

corebos 580.1a for example
I think what you are looking for is a fork.
git gives you total control over the code

you create a fork for each install you do for your clients. you set corebos as a remote branch and then you pull in the changes whenever you want
that way you can have local changes and control them there
that is what we do: we have private git repositories for all our clients, we program their specific changes there and sync them with the base project when we need to.

you could even do the version using the corebos.footer hook with no future conflicts
When you put a fix here in the forum, I download the github, and applied at test environment.

If I need to redo my server, for crash disasters, for example, I think I should starting with base version and apply all github again.

My control is for each github applied, I generated one subversion and a create a new doc of this patch.

After making all testing, and user say GO, I put new code in production.

For support reason, the code of subversion, is a tip, and to be a solution.
Forget subversion, learn and move to git
you will be happy you did
Yes: you can use that variable for your needs.
category: system

and all modules, is correct?

At bottom on screen, system will show new value?
I just looked at the Global Variable Definitions block and it says that that variable has still not been implemented.
You will have to wait, change it directly in the code or do it yourself and share it with us

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