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plugin advanced Calender module from IT Sapiens does no
After update ct54 to coreboscrm advanced Calender module from IT Sapiens does not work anymore.
Calendar does not load anymore

I don't know how is installed this module, but for I can see in your demo not seem that is a new module, seems that modify the calendar module and vtiger base code to work.
If do this, the problem is that you have to import all the changes that have in your vtiger code to corebos.

For example, if you were using the Calendar4You module, this is a new module, not invasive the vtiger code and just you will have to copy the Smarty/templates/modules/Calendar4You and modules/Calendar4You.
But I think that you calendar is more complicate than this to migrate.

Try it, and if you can't we can speak to try to help you to migrate it.


Omar Llorens
As my partner Omar says, the module should work, if it doesn't it is most probably because it modifies base code and something has changed. If you can send us the code changes we will fix it.

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