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Trouble Tickets - translate Issue
When trouble tickets in edition mode labels same fileds was  translate to Brazilian Portuguese, but after click on save button labels is showed in  English

See attached

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I don't quite see the problem in the two images you indicate but make sure you have all the picklist values translated in your language file.
It seems to be working correctly for me in Spanish.
There is a languagecompare script in build/HelperScripts
I talk about value in picklist gravity

First show "normal" and second show feature

Item 2 is sound likes good for me.

How can i starting

Is there any example that code?
what value does that picklist value have? If you right click on the select box and view the value of that line what is there?

more or less like all HelperScripts: copy it to the root of your install and call it from the browser. It will explain a little and show you a example.

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