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Select Services on Lead
When I select a Service at Lead, after conversion this information is mapped for where?

I think should be transferred to opportunity.
All the related information is transfered to the module you select at the bottom of the convert popup: either to the Contact or to the Account, you cannot transfer information to the opportunity.

If I had to change that I would add an option to the LeadConversion Business Rule to indicate which modules I wanted copied to the opportunity. Send an email to if you want a quote for us to implement that.
Only for I understanding what the idea of selecting at lead, in the related tabs as a service, product, documents and etc?

I always thought it was, for example to marked what service / product lead is interested.

Therefore it should be mapped to the other field.

Or am I wrong?
You are right, in general that is the idea. Obviously you could have other information that could be specific to the contact and not the opportunity, but, almost all the information on the Lead could be copied to the opportunity.

It just doesn't work that way.
There is a good improvement.

But I think this relation need more attention to turn useful

Por example,

If you need know how services on account, bought? or services you can offer ( client not buy yet) ?

Practices with a cross selling, up selling is very basics for a CRM at coreBOS is more complex to use, only thru a report custom.

Same applied at tickets, for us send a simply report with tickets open/closed for all contacts, summarised is more complicated.

Set ticket at contact and you not see that information in account. Set on account is need many clicks to see there.

For products, contract services, and more is the same way.

coreBOS is very powerful software, but today, only a client vision, summarised is hard work for final user.

legacy vtiger I know ...
Today I populated a lead with data, and a new call from pabx manager

I converteded a lead, selected data copy to contact and not create a opportunity ( at conversion operation )

History from pabx manager, not was copied to anywhere.
Can you give me a screen shot or record a video of the information that is not passed over? I had a look, and from what I see, the only information related to the call is an event that is created and that information does seem to be passing along.

I will make new test on corebos 7 and post here

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