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Field email counter Read
(09-15-2016, 07:44 AM)joebordes Wrote: When you are on a module you can only access fields that are on that module or on a module related directly. For example, on a contact, you can access all it's fields and all the fields of the account that it is related to. You cannot access fields with a "many" relation, like invoices or opportunities of that contact.
The same happens with emails, given one lead you can have many emails, so you can't use any field of the email in lead filters or workflows.
You have to work with the email module. Go to the emails module and you will see that you can filter on the access count field there, because that field belongs to that module.


When I think a developer or programmer I can understand this, because this is structure of coreBOS and BD.

But when I talking with a commercial people, this is a problem, because dynamic of negotiation to convert proposal in real deal, need a real time action, and to know lead read or not a message is very important

Another thing, I think if is possible copy that information from another module, lile email modules, to a custom field and after that created a new filter.

Maybe using a businessmap ...

This is very common, and I suggest a easy way to copy filed module from another field module. 

Copied value of field, I think is more easy that a same field in many modules, right?

This is a good improvement and solve many question, and request a final user.
I agree that copying fields from one module to another is a requirement, it is on our roadmap and even something we have dedicated time to but it is more complex than it may seem and something very easy to do in code so we always end up just hard-coding it. We will get to this.

But I see a problem with your request and the problem already solved so I don't really understand what your issue is. Let me try to explain.

If you have only one field on the Leads module to summarize if a Lead has read an email or not but you have many emails, which email was read? I mean even if this field says 6, for example, 6 what? were 6 emails opened, if so which ones? or was one email opened 6 times? it is not the same at all because if he opened one email 6 times there is definitely interest in something...

Instead if you go to the email related list of that lead right now as the application is you see a list of each email with the number of opens of each one, you can quickly see what is happening. If you go to the emails module or reporting you can get even more information.... so I don't understand where the problem is.

In any case, I saw yout email on the vtiger crm developer's list, thank you very much for the mention. If you are seriously thinking of using coreBOS for your clients you should consider getting a subscription. It is 100 euros a year and it gives you access to many modules but specially it gives you access to coreBOSCRM. coreBOSCRM has a bunch of enhancements which we cannot distribute due to license restrictions. The biggest enhancement is in the integration, specially sendgrid integration which will solve your problem of email templates and knowing what is happening with your emails, that integration tells you everything: if it bounced, if it was opened, how many times, if they clicked on any of the links inside the email, .... all that information gets directly in to coreBOS so you can act on it through workflows.

Keep asking....
Oh now I understand your point of view ...

I was thinking about a specific situation of sending the first email ( in this case, lead has only one first contact email .. )

But, at normal situation, you are right, there are may emails, and each one with your read count ....

I was not using the specific module email this commenting because mainly seemed to me that it shows all mail, including accounts / leads that the user does not have access (I will test better and then post here).


Yes i will subscription a coreBOSCRM

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