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NEED HELP: testing two big changes
I just finished adding two big changes to coreBOS

Update ADODB:

MySQL 5.7 strict mode support

I have been throughly testing these this past week before I released them. I think we got it right but I would really appreciate that anybody who could test them some more and get back to us with any odd behavior do so before we start applying the changes to production.

Both of these changes are those that nobody sees unless they aren't done. In other words what you should be testing for is the EXACT same functionality, there is absolutely nothing new to see, it is all internal and the application should work exactly as it did before upgrading. Incredible as that may sound we do a lot of that type of work: you spend a week of your time changing the code just to keep it working the way it did. Technology is just fantastic! ;-)

In any case, most of the changes have gone in the line of field retrieval. Getting the right set of fields to show and save for each user.  That includes reporting.
Then we had to force numerical values so if you can test the Inventory modules that would be reassuring also.
Finally the login and audit tables needed changing so if you use those please do check.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Gran trabajo @joe. Era un cambio necesario para poder trabajar con las últimas actualizaciones de OS.

If I can find time, I'll surely test this.
I just got a VPS subscription. Want to test deploying a github controlled install there. If I get the time to do this, I'll test the install itself as well.

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