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Request: isDuplicate. CRM variable name?
Since I think this question could also come up for module development in general I thought I'd start a new topic for it, as to not clutter the "PackingSlip" topic with too much info:

I saw this line in EditView.php (taken from the example IssueCards module):

PHP Code:
if (isset ($_REQUEST['isDuplicate']) && $_REQUEST['isDuplicate'] == 'true') { 

Is the "isDuplicate" a CRM default variablename, that is set to the REQUEST array for each entity record that is created as a duplicate? If so, I should not rename it.
Correct. It is system variable set when you are duplicating a record. You should not manipulate this variable.

I would recommend you also study the native Inventory modules, they are better maintained and have more functionality.
Thanks, I'm in the process of doing that as we speak.

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