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Trying to limit field access throuhg workflow
Well not, entirely. Let me explain:

I've setup my validation to check the database, to see if a certain sostatus is set at this time. Let's say it's "A". The current user wants to change to status "B", but is not allowed to change to ANYTHING other than "A", because that is the current status in the database. So the users dismisses the alert and the visible selection in the dropdown is returned to "A". But in the javascript memory, the selected value is still "B" (the value the user tried to change the status to).

The user accepts his defeat and in stead, he wants to change the shipping address. The same validation alert now appears, saying that the user is not allowed to change the status to anything other than "A", but as far as he/she can see, the value IS set to "A". So the validation script checks against a different value than the user sees at that point...

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RE: Trying to limit field access throuhg workflow - Guido1982 - 11-04-2016, 02:55 PM

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