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My first Business Map
Okay, the goal is this: we have payment conditions coming from Exact Online. A field is created in Accounts, Quotes and SalesOrders (and Invoices of course) that all have their origin in the same table. That table is synchronised with Exact. When a SalesOrder is created or edited, it needs to see if there is a quote related. I've made a workflow for this, that just checks if the quote field for an invoice isn't empty. When the quotefield in a salesorder is empty, I'd like to use my business map. That looks like this:

PHP Code:

I've chosen "Mapping" as the maptype and set "SalesOrder" as the target module. The mapname is "Accounts2SalesOrder".

Now for my problem, I can't select the Business map from the workflow task. When the popup opens, it says there are no maps...
Mappings business rules apply immediately, simply because they exist with the right name. Most business maps work this way. You don't need to add a workflow.

With the mapping you share above the exact_payment_cond field on SO should get filled in with the value of that field on Accounts simply by creating the SO from the Account related list.
Yes, the mapping works. The original idea however (which is why I wanted a workflow) was to fire this mapping only when a condition was true (in this case only when no quote was attached to the salesorder). But, because I've defined a different workflow that checks the account's payment condition for "--None--" (a standard picklist value I made) I can still meet the requirements. Any salesorder made from an account now takes the payment condition from that account. If it was made from a quote it takes the payment condition from that. If there is no quote and the account's payment condition is set to '--None--' is defaults to 14 days. I think I have all bases covered like this.

Still it would be nice to have a conditional business map. Right now you can only fill fields in a workflow from the same record (and same module) if you want to check for a certain condition. Or am I missing some BM functionality?
Next version. This is on out roadmap. In the near future all business rules will be able to include Condition Query and Condition Expression rules to activate them based on any condition.
We're moving in a very nice direction.

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