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PBX Manager | Related module missing
modules like, leads, account, organization, not show in arrange related list ( more information ) pbx manager calls history

at menu, module PBX manager, show call history, but not allow click details

when I try click at call history, not show a detail screen, show a screen only with header/bottom ...

Fiters from ingoing, outgoing, missed, not have ant condition ...

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There is no direct relation between PBXManager and any other module. In other words there is no relation field on that module so it can't be related directly as module that do have that field.

What this module does is create a calendar activity when a successful call is established with an account, contact or lead. So the related list of calls is actually a record in the activity history list. You shouldn't need a direct relation because each call is added as a "Call" on the activity list.
ok, I got it.

end time of call not showed, is a bug right?

status if call is completed, busy, etc is stored in BD ?
Status showed complete in list, but detail view is blank

see attached

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