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Add on Firefox | Suggestion enhanced
Is possible implement at add on firefox, when connected in coreBOS and receive a pop up when a Call from asterisk is coming ?

I think is the better solution, because today, pop up, only show if user in coreBOS active, no?

Other question, pop up is search telephone number, even the field is formated, examplo 55 11 9999-9999 ?

I ask because normaly Telco send a number only at numbers

coreBOS Filed 55 11 9999-9999 for dialed, working fine
Telco send a number like this 551199999999

Is worked a returned call too?

Thanks a lot!
I will have a look and get back to you. I just eliminated the firefox addon this week, while updating to PHP7. Are you using that? What does it do?
Actually I'm looking for a solution for pop up incoming calls

Today, if the user is not logged in and the coreBOS page does not appear

As the add on, logging always started the browser is running, i think all calls is monitored.

Always with the browser active, it would have the connection with the active coreBOS and no connection would be lost

Do you have another solution for this?

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