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Migration Incompleted. Only on 2 browsers.
(12-05-2016, 05:43 PM)jvidamins Wrote: Ok, changing that worked.  Thanks Joe!  Is there any chance anything else may not have migrated correctly?

I would say that the migration went well and it just couldn't update the file. Make sure you have all corebos changesets loaded and applied. Look in the online demo, you should have the same amount of changesets or more if your code is more up to date than the demo.
The vtiger_version in the file and the database should be 5.5.0

(12-05-2016, 05:43 PM)jvidamins Wrote: 1. I'm assuming that all my queued emails from my workflow/cron transferred over with the database and will be sending out at the same time my vtiger install will be sending them out, right?  Which would cause double emailing, which I obviously don't want.  I just want to make sure of that before I delete my vtiger install and database.

I would say yes. Look in the com_vtiger_queue (or something like that) it should contain the workflows to be launched. Another issue would be to see if they actually go out because we have enhanced so much the workflows that those tasks may be missing fields or something. It would be nice if you could confirm they are working or not.

(12-05-2016, 05:43 PM)jvidamins Wrote: 2. Is it possible to upgrade corebos to vtiger 6 or 7?  Not that I want to.  Has your opinion of what vtiger has done since you created corebos changed at all?  Or do you still think all the latest versions of vtiger fall short and are bad ideas to upgrade to?  

Possible: yes. Easy: no. You would have to go over all the changesets applied and undo them, that is a considerable amount of work.
If I hadn't forked it years ago I would do it now. The vtiger crm project is a bad joke in all senses. The company just doesn't care about the open source project. I really don't understand how intelligent people still keep begging and suffering there. Incredible. Those that say "if my clients asked me for coreBOS I would do that" are doing their clients a bad service.
You just have to look at the movement coreBOS and similar projects have with respect to vtiger CRM or read the mailing list any month.... it is a mess.

(12-05-2016, 05:43 PM)jvidamins Wrote: 3. Not sure if you can help on this one, but I've never figured out how to accomplish this.  I have a contact record. As soon as I change the status of one of the fields of that record (Listing Status) to "Pending", I have a workflow that is set to run the "first time the condition is met" and will queue up several emails based on a date field in the record.  My problem is, sometimes the "Listing Status" field needs to be changed back to "Active" because the deal falls through.  Then, if a new deal comes along and I have to change it back to "Pending", the workflow doesn't run because it's already been met.  My solution for the past several years has been to duplicate the contact and delete the old one, so the workflow will run again.  There's got to be a better way!  Any suggestions?

This one should be easy to do. Using the task conditions you set the email to go out ONLY if the status is Pending, that way if you change it the currently programmed emails won't be sent (in case you want to avoid those emails). Then you change the condition of the workflow. Lanuch on every save, and set the condition to "Has Changed To Pending". So every time the record is saved and the piclist has changed to the value "Pending" the emails will be programmed.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for your trust in our work and I hope you enjoy all the enhancements we have implemented already and keep on implementing.

I look forward to seeing you around the community :-)

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