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Migration Incompleted. Only on 2 browsers.
Looks like all the changes went through. I have 140 of them and they're all "executed" except for 3 are "pending" (the same ones that are pending on the demo site). But there's one that's "Pending": inventoryproductstockcontrol cbupd-0000051. When I run it again, it says "Changeset inventoryproductstockcontrol already applied!" Correct Updates: 1 Failed Updates: 0

But then it still says "Pending" when I go back into the main screen of the updater??

Also, the theme of my install is still the old vtiger 5.4 theme. How do I make it look like corebos?

Also, I did confirm that my already queued emails from vtiger 5.4 ARE in fact being emailed out under corebos!! That's great!

Lastly, I did the change you recommended for the workflow and they worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much!! I've applied the same principles to another workflow and it's working, too. Wish I would have converted a lot sooner!!! Tongue

Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention... I had some php errors in my error log:
PHP Notice: Undefined index: next_reminder_interval in /home7/jcbhomes/public_html/realtyparadigm/corebos/index.php on line 722

(had this one a lot) PHP Notice: Undefined index: next_reminder_time in /home7/jcbhomes/public_html/realtyparadigm/corebos/modules/Calendar/ActivityReminderCallbackAjax.php on line 21

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: VTIGER_BULK_SAVE_MODE in /home7/jcbhomes/public_html/realtyparadigm/corebos/cron/modules/Import/ScheduledImport.service on line 11

PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home7/jcbhomes/public_html/realtyparadigm/corebos/modules/CronTasks/cronWatcher.service on line 70

Not sure what to make of them??

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