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Migration Incompleted. Only on 2 browsers.
(12-09-2016, 10:20 PM)joebordes Wrote: Finally, you have to put your install under git control. We move to fast for you to control the changes manually. For example, since those three changes there has been 11 additional changes which completely change the graphs.

To work with git, you start by cloning the repository into your install directory. Instead of downloading as you did you install a git client for your operating system and launch:

git clone

Then the workflow is:

- git pull
- fix any conflicts, which you shouldn't have unless you modify the files
- go to corebos updater, load and apply all changes (many times there won't be any)

Ok, so for the git versioning... I did install all the files via SSH directly into my server corebos directory using the "git clone". I didn't realize I could updated everything at once via SSH with a "git pull" command. Hopefully I understood that right, because that's what I just did. Confused It seemed to update 15 or so files. However, when I go into coreBOS updater and "Load Updates", there aren't any. Is that just because there are no database changes to be made with the file changes I uploaded? Sorry, have never used git before, so just trying to wrap my brain around this whole process.

Implemented all your other changes. Deleted all the errors in the error_log, and haven't had any more return with just E_ERROR selected in my php.ini. I did have to created a new php.ini and .htaccess file in my corebos directory, so as not to mess up other settings in my wordpress install, etc. Hope that was the right thing to do. info.php seems to have all the correct values and is pulling from the php.ini in the corebos directory, so I think I did it right.

Thanks for all the help Joe!

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