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A workflow that assigns invoices to the current user after saving
I have this workflow custom function in place:

PHP Code:
function updateInvoiceAssignedTo($entity) {

$invoice,$invoice_crm_id) = explode('x',$entity->data['id']);  // separate webservice ID
if (getSalesEntityType($invoice_crm_id)=='Invoice') {

// Get the current user from the session
$user = new Users();

// list($usr,$usr_id) = explode('x', $entity->data['assigned_user_id']);
$query 'UPDATE vtiger_crmentity SET smownerid=? WHERE crmid=?';
$params = array($user->id$invoice_crm_id);

But not able to test it, would the getting of the current user ID work by getting it from the session?
Workflow custom functions are executed immediately on the save event and at that moment the $current_user variable contains the user launching the save. Although I think the code you have is correct and should work correctly because the session variable must also contain the current user id, you can use the $current_user object.


and even just the session variable directly, there is no need to go through the trouble of creating the user object and the extra database queries

$params = array($_SESSION['authenticated_user_id'], $invoice_crm_id);

I'd say it will work.
Weird, that's also not working. I can't seem to default the invoice to the user that creates it. Must be doing something wrong, but what...

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