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Imap Connections in Mail Manager (CoreBOS 7)
Unable to connect to any local Imap accounts with Mail Manager.

Up until yesterday my working version of CoreBOS was 5.5 running on my aging CentOS 5.11 server which i'm currently migrating from. I've moved into CoreBOS 7 running on CentOS 7.3. Both servers have are providing IMAP, and SMTP services, however, only the C5 server is receiving traffic. I've also got an active MS Exchange server on the same subnet: I need the calendaring that it provides along with contacts tasks, etc... a story for another time.

At any rate, CoreBOS55 was able to connect to any IMAP service on my subnet no problem... Including my Exchange server. All these connections can/were made using local subnet IP address. Currently CoreBOS55 Mail Manager is connected to the Exchange server; mostly because SMTP services on the C5 server are using procmail to shunt incoming mail for my account to my Exchange server. I don't use Mail Manager a lot, but now and then a message reply from a client comes in that I will add to an Organization, or a Trouble-ticket or Contact for historical purposes: hence the need to connect the Mail Manager to a local IMAP service.

I can complete the connection to Gmail, and it sees the folders there, but when I click on the Inbox folder of my Gmail account it just sits there displaying: Loading (with the little spinning js thing.)

Any ideas?

Edit: (forgot some things)

I use Kaseya for Monitoring clients machines and such. One of the things it monitors for me are the event logs on client servers and workstations. When ever it detects something I've instructed it to create a ticket for, it does so, then sends that ticket information to an email account that CoreBOS monitors for certain criteria and then creates a trouble-ticket for me. 

Strange thing here is, that while Mail Manager can't seem to make a working IMAP connection, MailScanner and Workflow are doing just fine at that very thing. 

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