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Imap Connections in Mail Manager (CoreBOS 7)
(03-11-2017, 10:23 AM)joebordes Wrote: This is a little over my head. Let me throw a few ideas around see if something turns up:

- you are on centos, so double check selinux configuration
- as of php 5.6, php requires valid certificates in your email domains, on those versions I have only been able to configure email using TLS no-valid-certificates
- activate debug log see if there are any clues in the log:

Hi Joe,

Thank you for pointing me in a direction and for the reference to the documentation at doku. I have a feeling you've hit pretty close with that shot about valid certs because it is CentOS 7 and I have been working on STARTTLS (IMAP and SMTP) on this new server. What you're saying her tracks with what I'm seeing. So, I've re-activated CoreBOS55 on the old server (I'm keeping CoreBOS7 on the new server as is because most of the bits are working and when I get Dovecot and Sendmail squared away I'm hoping things with CoreBOS7 will work better.) Its just going to take longer to get things migrated. Not like there's a drop-dead deadline on the migration.

And since this is the fist time I've serious looked at and attempted full-throttle and proper secure IMAP and TLS/SSL SMTP I'm pretty certain I've got things slightly cocked up right now on Merlin. So, I've got a lot more reading and testing to do for this. At the moment I can authenticate to SMTP but it's in plain text and the certs for Dovecot and Sendmail are self-signed so if its as you've stated this is going to cause a problem for PHP (PHP on Merlin is 5.4.16).

All in all I have a feeling that things are going to have to be simplified with dovecot and Sendmail and start again from there.

On the bright side, CoreBOS 7, for the most part, works beautifully and migrating data from the old to the new works nicely too now.  Smile  And I will be keeping CoreBOS7 up to date so that I don't wind up having issues with getting it up to date later. I don't plan on this taking too long, but I gotta get a few things on Merlin cleaned up and be able to work at the same time.

[i]If I could work while on horseback that's where I'd be doing it. There's nothing like riding... Gives new meaning to the phrase, ride to live... live to ride.[/i]

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