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Activity List
In calendar4you is the modified activity list in the left column only visible for admin, other user only can see the invite and task.
When the user creates a Task the complete list is visible.
Did you check the user permissions for modules? Caledar4You uses the system permissions to decide who can see what if I remember correctly.
Yes i did. Only if a make all users admin, they can see the list

I apologize for taking so long to look into this. The issues is that we have had a project running for the past two months or so to remake the calendar functionality in order to make it more of a standard module so it inherits all the functionality of the system as we go forward and to permit us to extend it as needed like we do with the other modules.

This project is ready for testing and can be found on the calendarremake branch. I think it should be ready to go live in a few weeks. Any help testing is VERY welcome.

As to the case above, the problem is due to MySQL strict mode. This mode causes the queries to fail. While you wait for the calendar remake you can either deactivate that mode or apply these changes:

Thanks for your patience
Let me know how it goes.
Hi Joe,

No problem, i would like to help testing the module.

That would be a lot of help.
I should be ready to explain the steps today and will inform as soon as I can.

Thanks !!
I tested the install process yesterday. We are ready for testing.

The process is like this:
  • clone the github repository into a new directory
  • install normally or copy your database (or the coreBOSTest database) and configure accordignly
  • load and apply all changsets
  • checkout the calendarremake branch:  git checkout calendarremake
  • load and apply all changsets (there should be just one for the new calendar module)
  • add the cbCalendar module to the menu
  • test and report any issues you find
Note that we have still not loaded the new javascript code, so when you are on the calendar view you must deactivate the service-worker or load the page with Caps-Ctrl-R to make sure you get all the javascript code from the server

Let me know how it goes

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