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Setting up a complete Asterisk integration
A small update on my progress:

I've bought a Raspberry Pi 3B and installed RaspBX on it. I've setup a test-trunk at a provider so I can make test calls. I'm using X-lite as a softphone on my PC (but I guess a lot of other will do a good job as well). I've setup my home router (provided by my ISP) to open port 5060 (default FreePBX port) and send traffic to that port to my Pi. The router is configured to fix the IP address of the Pi by getting it's MAC address and setting that to the same IP every DHCP refresh. I am by no means a networking expert so I'm wondering why I should open port 5060 on my router when FreePBX on the Pi is listening to 5060 on the Pi, not on the router. My router uses only IPv6 addresses (except for internal traffic).

So far I've only been able to dial out from the softphone to my mobile phone, where I can talk from my mobile and hear it on the PC end. No audio the other direction. This probably has something to do with (forums say 99% percent sure) my router/NAT settings. I need to open a port range between 10000 and 20000.

Basically I presume I should be able to reach my Pi from the outside by
, so this is the address I used in the PBX manager in coreBOS. I'm not sure which user to use, admin? FreePBX can setup multiple users but that's more an extension thing. But I need a single master-user in the PBX module admin after which I should be able to create extensions.

I can choose between Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 in the PBX module, but I'm on version 13. No idea how compatible this all is.

Anyway, trying to save the settings in the PBX module in coreBOS just directs me back to the module collection page, but settings don't seem to get saved. Also, no error message.

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